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Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

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Final Report

Putting Meat on The Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America    

Executive Summary
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Full Report
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The following technical reports do not necessarily reflect the position of the Commission on these, or any other, issues.

Technical Reports

Industrial Farm Animal Production, Antimicrobial Resistance and Human Health
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Occupational and Community Public Health Impacts of Industrial Farm Animal Production
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An Economic Analysis of the Social Costs of the Industrialized Production of Pork in the United States 
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The Welfare of Animals in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
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Recent Changes in Food Animal Production and Impacts on Animal Waste Management
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Environmental Impact of Industrial Farm Animal Production 
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Community and Social Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
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Fact Sheets &
Background Papers

Human Health and Industrial Farming, The Pew Charitable Trusts click hereClick Here

Union of Concerned Scientists: CAFOs Uncovered: The Untold Costs of Confined Animal Feeding Operations, April 2008, by Doug Gurian-Sherman click hereclick here

Environmental Defense Fund: Adverse Health Effects Of Hog Production, A Literature Review, March 2008, by Joseph Rudek click hereclick here

Environmental Health Perspectives published on Nov. 14, 2006 several online manuscripts related to public health and CAFOs conducted by a conference supported by University of Iowa's Environmental Health Sciences Research Center and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. They include:

1. Environmental Health Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Anticipating Hazards – Searching for Solutions: Peter S.Thorne click hereClick Here

 2. Health Effects of Airborne Exposures from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Dick Heederik, Torben Sigsgaard, Peter S. Thorne, Joel N. Kline, Rachel Avery, Jacob Bønløkke, Elizabeth A. Chrischilles, James A. Dosman, Caroline Duchaine, Steven R. Kirkhorn, Katarina Kulhankova and James A. Merchant click hereclick here

 3. Community Health and Socioeconomic Issues Surrounding CAFOs: Kelley J. Donham, Steven Wing, David Osterberg, Jan L. Flora, Carol Hodne, Kendall M. Thu and Peter S. Thorneclick hereclick here 

 4.  The Potential Role of CAFOs in Infectious Disease Epidemics and Antibiotic Resistance: Kelley J. Donham, Steven Wing, David Osterberg, Jan L. Flora, Carol Hodne, Kendall M. Thu and Peter S. Thorneclick hereclick here 

 5.  Monitoring and Modeling of Emissions from CAFOs: Overview of Methods: Bryan Bunton, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Sean Fitzsimmons, John Gering, Stephen Hoff, Merete Lyngbye, Peter S. Thorne, Jeffrey Wasson and Mark Werner click hereclick here 

6. Impacts of Waste from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) on Water Quality: JoAnn Burkholder, Bob Libra, Peter Weyer, Susan Heathcote, Dana Kolpin, Peter S. Thorne and Michael Wichmanclick hereclick here 

CRS: Air Quality Issues and Animal Agriculture: A Primer  click hereclick here 

CRS: Air Quality and Animal Agriculture: EPA's Air Compliance Agreement click hereclick here

CRS: Animal Waste and Water Quality: EPA CAFO Regulation click hereclick here

GAO: Oversight of Food Safety Activitiesclick hereclick here

GAO: Food Safety: Experience of 7 Countries Consolodating Food Safety Systems click hereclick here

Photographs Courtesy of USDA
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